Training for Identifying and Supporting Students with Dyslexia


Are you a dedicated educator looking to enhance your ability to support students with dyslexia? Our half-day training course is tailor-made for teachers and classroom assistants in primary schools across Northern Ireland. Join us and unlock a world of benefits that will empower you to make a positive impact on the lives of dyslexic students.

Why Choose Our Dyslexia Training Course?

Expertise and Experience:

Our trainers are experienced educators with a deep understanding of dyslexia. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the training, ensuring you receive the best insights and guidance.


Gain the confidence and skills needed to identify dyslexia traits in students promptly. Early identification is crucial for providing timely support.

Professional Development:

Enhance your professional development portfolio with a certification in dyslexia support training. Showcase your commitment to inclusive education.

Inclusive Classroom Practices:

Learn how to make small but effective changes to your teaching methods and classroom environment, creating an inclusive atmosphere where every student can thrive.

Personalised Strategies:

Discover personalized strategies for dyslexic students that go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Tailor your teaching to meet individual needs.

Enhanced Communication:

Improve your communication with dyslexic students. Understand their unique challenges and create a supportive, empathetic learning environment.

Resourceful Materials:

Access a wealth of resources, tools, and materials that you can immediately integrate into your teaching practices.

What Our Training Covers

– Understanding Dyslexia: Gain comprehensive knowledge of dyslexia, its causes, and its impact on learning.

– Early Identification: Learn to recognize early signs of dyslexia and intervene proactively.

– ‘Reasonable Adjustments’: Make simple yet effective adaptations to your classroom environment to support dyslexic students.

– Individualised Support Plans: Develop individualized support plans that cater to the unique needs of dyslexic students.

– Inclusive Teaching Strategies: Discover practical teaching strategies to engage and empower dyslexic learners.

Who should attend?

– Primary School Teachers

– Classroom Assistants

– Special Education Professionals

– School Administrators

– Anyone passionate about inclusive education

Schedule Your Training Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of dyslexic students. Schedule your half-day training session with us and take the first step toward creating an inclusive learning environment where every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Our half day training course costs £300 and includes a training pack each for up to 8 attendees. Each additional pack will cost £10 each.

Contact us to inquire about upcoming training dates or request a customized training session for your school.