About Us

Green Tree Tutoring is a trusted and proven provider of educational support services, specialising in the delivery of individual learning programmes for each Child.

Established by Catherine Greene, BA. BEd. PGCE, an Access NI approved primary school teacher with more than 25 years sector experience and professional specialism in dyslexia and dyscalculia, we offer a tailored step by step development plan on identified areas for improvement.

Our Approach

Our approach is exclusively child focused with 1 to 1 lessons delivered from our mini classroom in the Lodge. The learning environment is fundamental to our system and we have created a Child friendly, fun centred classroom, with modern learning tools, comfort and relaxed education at it’s centre. Our facility has ample parking, waiting, tea and coffee facilities for parents and is a highly secure and safe environment.

Childs needs are assessed jointly with parents in a complimentary initial consultation, including direct discussion with parent and child, assessment of school reports, teacher comments, and standardised scores. When an educational support service is felt to be appropriate a flexible programme of one hour 1 to 1 tutoring classes are agreed to suit parents, child and tutor’s availability. Our approach is based on continual assessment and communication and we strive to discuss your child’s progression in and five minute chat at the end of each class. The child, the parent and the tutor are the key stakeholders in our delivery model with comfort and progression at the heart of our combined efforts.

What makes Green Tree Tutoring different?

We are founded upon the integrity and experience of our tutors.  We are committed to the development and welfare of the Child and to the promotion and support of capability & confidence of the Child.

We are Child needs driven, our focus is to deliver the development of the tools for learning to nurture the Child to the best of his/her abilities.

When you choose Green Tree Tutoring you choose a service focused on;  

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Safety and Security
  • Enthusiasm and fun in the Classroom
  • Direct development in literacy and numeracy
  • Developing the Tools for Learning
  • Putting the Child 1st